• Design and build your dream sustainable home

  • The future of housing is here

  • Experience new levels of health and comfort in a passive house

You can build an energy efficient home that is, comfortable, healthy and reduces your environmental footprint whilst saving on costs too!

Family owned and operated, at Blue Eco Homes we choose to build sustainably because it gives us huge satisfaction to know we’ve built you a home you love – with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

We’re dedicated to guiding you through the building process and delivering you your dream home. Our award-winning eco-friendly homes, built across the Greater Sydney and Blue Mountains regions, are loved by the families that live in them.

We Are

Passive House

The future of healthy housing is here. Improve your family’s health, comfort and environmental impact with a Passive House. The benefits of a Passive House far outweigh other forms of building, even other forms of sustainable housing. You won’t get a more comfortable, healthy home than a Passive House or one that is more friendly to the environment. We believe in the benefits of Passive Houses so much, that we built our very own Certified Passive Display Home called ‘The Sapphire’.

Concept Homes

We are proud to introduce our new range of Concept Home Designs! Intentioned to enable more people to build their dream sustainable home, each of our concept homes can be customised or adjusted to suit your land, budget or needs.

Custom Homes

All our custom homes are designed and built to your individual requirements including block of land, size, required inclusions, bushfire rating and of course budget. 

We can recommend an Architect or Building Designer who will work with you to create a home that meets all your needs, or we can work with your architect if you prefer 

Commercial Projects

We have been involved in commercial construction in the Blue Mountains since 2004, utilising Blue Eco Homes Owner and Principal, Joe Mercieca’s proven track record in commercial building. 

As with our residential arm, our commercial building is based on environmentally aware principles and practices. As a company, we believe we have a social responsibility to ensure that our commercial construction is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Watch our video to see what drives our passion: