Blue Eco Homes offer a wide range of sustainable features that can be specifically tailored to your individual requirements – depending on your lifestyle, ongoing maintenance and budgetary needs.

This short video highlights some typical sustainable design features we build into our homes:

Some of the sustainable features we regularly provide in the homes we build include:

Passive Heating and Cooling

  • Homes aligned along a West-East axis for maximum solar exposure and control
  • Concrete slab floor (suspended and insulated) to absorb the winter sun’s warmth during the day and release it during the evening
  • Glazing and overhangs designed to allow maximum sun entry for winter heating and minimum entry of summer sun
  • Larger openings to North, smaller openings to South to reduce winter heat loss
  • Door and louvre window openings placed to provide cross-ventilation through rooms
  • Operable highlight windows to allow venting of heat in summer
  • Double glazing to fixed windows to retain heat in winter
  • Roof, wall & floor insulation (customised to suit design & materials requirements)
  • Slab edge insulation

Active Heating and Cooling

  • Hydronic in-slab heating system
  • Hot water supplied by evacuated tube collectors
  • Ceiling fans (reversible) in living areas and bedrooms

Water Saving

  • Rainwater collected from all roofs, screened and stored in tanks
  • Water used in a “whole of house” system (e.g. drinking water is UV-filtered)
  • Water in tanks also available (where required) for bushfire fighting

Waste Water Treatment and Re-use

All waste water, both black and grey water, re-used via two systems:

  • Black water system (Nova Clear) irrigates lawns and gardens and can also be used for toilet flushing
  • Grey water system (Nova Grey) is used for laundry, toilet flushing and general external use

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic (PV) system, grid interactive (this will provide most, if not all, of the home’s electricity supply requirements).

Building Materials

  • Recycled beams used for sub-floor structure
  • Concrete blocks used instead of bricks (lower embodied energy)
  • Low formaldehyde HMR board used for fit-out
  • All timber plantation grown or recycled

Windows and Glazing

  • Windows a combination of fixed glazing (double glazed, Low E glass) and louvered panels
  • Aluminium frames (low maintenance, recyclable)


  • A combination of LED and CFL light fittings to reduce energy consumption
  • All lighting wired to CBus smart wiring system

Paints and Floor Coverings

  • Water-based, low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints
  • Tiled floors for thermal mass, low maintenance and low dust


  • Minimal clearing of vegetation for building works (and bushfire protection, where relevant)
  • Where possible, all cleared vegetation mulched on-site, and re-used for landscaping and remedial works.

Other Sustainable Features

Building debris/ rubbish sorted on site and dealt with as follows:

  • Steel: recycled or re-used
  • Gyprock: re-used for clay breaker on gardens
  • Timber: off-cuts re-used
  • Cardboard and paper: recycled
  • Other debris: sent to landfill

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