Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

At Blue Eco Homes, sustainability is more than a buzz word, it’s a way of life. Pursuing sustainability is a challenge, one to always be seeking to improve our way of living, building and working. We believe if you build a proper sustainable building, then you’re doing justice to yourself and to the environment.

Sustainability is one of our family values

Our drive for sustainability stems from our family, our personal passion and our surroundings. From a young age, Joe was taught principals of sustainability from his father. This passion still inspires the pursuit of Blue Eco Homes to this day. The involvement of the whole family in Scouts also taught us and our kids the importance of looking after the environment. A practice only reinforced by living and working in the beautiful World Heritage Blue Mountains.

When we first began building sustainably 15 years ago, people in the construction industry said we were crazy. But we proved them wrong. We built a successful sustainable business and have now even built the future of healthy living; a Certified Passive House. Resistance to sustainable and healthy housing doesn’t stop, but we’re passionate about embracing and conquering these challenges. To better the environment, the industry and others lives.

Moving Beyond Sustainable Homes

Initially, Blue Eco Homes started with a focus on the sustainability of the home. We wanted to improve the health of the occupants and reduce their energy costs, all while improving their impact on the environment. We then moved on to include sustainable practices before construction started. This included a waste management process, purchasing protocol, material lifecycle analysis and more. Once we built and began living in a sustainable home, our family experienced a huge change for the better in our health. This positive health impact is one reason Blue Eco Homes pioneer for even better sustainable and healthy housing.

Creating a Sustainable Community

As a business, we are also always pursuing better sustainable practice. We’re carbon neutral, register our environmental impacts, track environmental objectives and measure waste management data to manage sustainability throughout the business. As well as a focus on health in the homes we build, we also have a focus on health throughout our business. This includes the health of our staff. For us, a healthy team is a sustainable team. We run mental health workshops, get healthy at work days and integrate healthy snacks and meals into staff functions.

The Connection Between Home and Health

Drawing on Merylese’ previous experience in nursing, we have seen a real connection between building and health. Our research and experience have led us to believe the way we build in Australia could be contributing to how we feel, even making us sick. This has only fuelled our desire to work alongside and educate the building industry and suppliers on the benefits of healthier and more sustainable work practices.

Sustainability Is A Way of Life

At Blue Eco Homes, we are working to change the way homes in Australia are designed and built. Not just the materials they are built from but the community expectations for building. We see sustainability as something to be lived. So, we want to enable a transition to healthier, more sustainable homes and communities. When new environmental practices, concepts or technology emerge, we aim to work until we can achieve them. To improve the business, the construction industry, the environment and our client’s lives!

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