Joe and the BEH team are some of the best in the business. The use of their innovative panelling system helps to achieve passive house standards in an economical way, without loss of time due to poor weather! We’re very proud of our new passive house!”

Blue Eco Homes worked all through COVID and still managed to build my house to a meticulous standard and finish my home off beautifully with only moderate delays. They were responsive and open to my ideas, even some like sourcing gold grout, which seemed a bit crazy at the time. Thanks, BEH for my wonderful home."

Overall, we are very happy with our new home and have no hesitation in recommending Blue Eco Homes as excellent and reliable builders. We set out to have an eco-friendly, off-grid house, and Blue Eco Homes Passive House concept perfectly aligned with these objectives. Despite Covid lockdowns, government covid labour restrictions and worldwide material shortages, our home was completed in reasonable time to a high standard. We were kept informed and found Joe to be friendly and easy to deal with. Subcontractors were all courteous, polite and efficient.

Blue Eco is a company whose vision for an eco-philiosophy is matched with expertise, competent and considerate tradespeople. We experienced co-operation and courtesy as the clients and a consistency of excellence in all aspects of the job. We were privileged to have Joe and his team to build our house, supported by Merylese's often unseen but always competent management of the necessary details to keep it all happening.

Absolutely over the moon with the experience and enjoying my beautiful home.

“I have been associated with many builders in my career. Blue Eco Homes and its talented team tick all the boxes for integrity, competence and a passion to complete a first class job.

The success of our project is the result of collaboration between the owner, architect and builder. At the end of the day, we have a home that everyone involved can be proud of. The home is a pleasure to live in and enjoyed by friends and family. So far, it has performed to its eco design principles.

We are very pleased with our new BBQ area and cabana. Apart from being a quality building we met some really lovely people who worked hard, made us laugh and simply took great care and pride in their work, we have been very blessed. The whole project was pretty much stress free (for us) and great care was taken to ensure we were satisfied with all aspects of the project. Continued success to you all.

Very impressed with the way Joe solved a few structural issues during the build. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail show in the finished house. Joe and everyone at Blue Eco were a pleasure to engage with. The house is amazing and a joy to live in. The relationship with Joe was harmonious from start to finish. Admin people were extremely professional to deal with. Any questions were answered in a timely and courteous manner.

We could not fault the service provided by Blue Eco Homes, during the construction of our new home. Communication, from the first meeting through to the final touches, was always open and friendly. It was always a pleasure to see Joe’s team of builders arrive on site. This was very important, as we lived on site (next door) during the entire build. It was fascinating to watch the building process and we were always welcome to ask questions, inspect day’s progress and give feedback. This resulted in timely consultations and changes. The quality of the build is excellent and has produced a beautiful, low maintenance home. We highly recommend Blue Eco Homes. The admin staff and construction team were friendly, efficient and professional.

Blue Eco Homes built us a home we can love. They put in the time and effort to make it a beautiful but functional home

At the end of the project one has to consider given the time and circumstances, would we choose Blue Eco Homes again? The answer is yes, yes, yes!

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate being in our new house – in the brief moments of reflection we have, we are grateful for the smooth and enjoyable construction process, and your skill and professionalism in bringing the dream to fruition.

Our new home is a delight which could not have happened without all of your efforts and the effort and pride invested in your work. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Please visit us often.

The house is working as designed. On average, the inside air temp varies between 19-23. We have been breaking even with electricity consumption for the last 12 months; and have not had to pay for any water. We’re still getting used to the way the house ‘breathes’, so we’re still learning, but basically as an ecological design the running cost is zero.

Thank you so much for making this journey enjoyable and stress free. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to this build was phenomenal. We know this build was extremely challenging in all aspects including ‘flame zone’ requirements. But for every challenge you were given your passion and determination succeeded and a solution was found. Your team have been extremely friendly, courteous, polite and trustworthy. We cannot express in words how proud and happy we are of Blue Eco Homes and the quality of our new home.

I realised that I was extremely fortunate to have Blue Eco Homes undertake the building works on my Leura house. They are honest and competent, and these are the most important attributes one should seek when employing a builder.

Blue Eco Homes has the experience and resources to competently deal with residential and commercial building contracts worth several million dollars.

Blue Eco Homes gave us excellent value for money. They were always personable and reliable, managed our needs to a tight timeframe, and provided accurate reporting referenced to a cost plan. The most valuable input brought to our project was consistently high workmanship and standards of construction – eliminating any of the usual problems we encounter.