“Blue Eco Homes built us a home we can love. They put in the time and effort to make it a beautiful but functional home”

A & I, Linden – 2017

“At the end of the project one has to consider given the time and circumstances, would we choose Blue Eco Homes again? The answer is yes, yes, yes!”

Maurice Cooper OAM – Bygone Beautys 2016

“I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate being in our new house – in the brief moments of reflection we have, we are grateful for the smooth and enjoyable construction process, and your skill and professionalism in bringing the dream to fruition.”

KS, Glenbrook – July 2014


“Our new home is a delight which could not have happened without all of your efforts and the effort and pride invested in your work. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Please visit us often.”

PI & CI, Leura – June 2014


“The house is working as designed. On average, the inside air temp varies between 19-23. We have been breaking even with electricity consumption for the last 12 months; and have not had to pay for any water. We’re still getting used to the way the house ‘breathes’, so we’re still learning, but basically as an ecological design the running cost is zero.”

RK, Katoomba – March 2014


“Thank you so much for making this journey enjoyable and stress free. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to this build was phenomenal. We know this build was extremely challenging in all aspects including ‘flame zone’ requirements. But for every challenge you were given your passion and determination succeeded and a solution was found.

Your team have been extremely friendly, courteous, polite and trustworthy.

We cannot express in words how proud and happy we are of Blue Eco Homes and the quality of our new home.”

JL & CL, Blaxland – 2012


“I realised that I was extremely fortunate to have Blue Eco Homes undertake the building works on my Leura house. They are honest and competent, and these are the most important attributes one should seek when employing a builder.”

PH, Leura – September 2010


“Blue Eco Homes has the experience and resources to competently deal with residential and commercial building contracts worth several million dollars.”

R. Young, Architect – September 2010


“Blue Eco Homes gave us excellent value for money. They were always personable and reliable, managed our needs to a tight timeframe, and provided accurate reporting referenced to a cost plan. The most valuable input brought to our project was consistently high workmanship and standards of construction – eliminating any of the usual problems we encounter.”

T. Laurent, Architect – November 2008